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Activities That People That Are Stuck On A Wheel Chair Can Perform

Aging people may sometimes go through physical conditions that make them bond to a wheelchair. The worst thing of being stuck in a wheelchair is that one cannot walk and do anything by themselves. Performing physical activities are relevant because it ensures that there is morbidity of the body. Especially in this error of obesity that is causing many lifestyle diseases among people. There is hope for those people on a wheelchair since there are various exercise that has been adopted to help them live a fit life.

The first exercise is done by twisting the wrist and the ankles. People in a wheelchair never exercise these joint since they do not move their bodies. The exercise is performed by loosening and tightening up the fingers and forming a fist. After that rotate the wrist of the hand side by side until the joints feel relaxed. The same procedure is done to the leg, loosen up the toes and rotate the ankle joint into one direction for several times until the joint relaxes. The other exercise is twisting the torso; torso is the part of the body that does not include the legs and the hands. People that are in a wheelchair never exercise these body part. The spinal is an integral part of the body that needs to be put in place. It is done by sitting upright and twisting the torso side by side. The other exercise is the chest press, this exercise makes the chest engaged.

The tummy is an organ that needs to be exercised, and it is possible to do it even in a wheel chair. It ensures that the muscles of the stomach are strong. The activity is carried by having the stomach muscles twisted in one direction for a number of times. Elongating the hands is also an exercise that has been proven to be beneficial to the old. It is done by extending the arms upwards until the joints relax. The other exercise that has many benefits to the seniors in a wheelchair is the moving the legs up and down while still seated. It is essential in making the legs active. Lastly there is exercising the shoulders, The exercise is essential because it ensures that the shoulders and the arms are flexible.

All these exercises are relevant in keeping an active lifestyle. Having to live without moving body parts can lead to severe conditions like hypertension because the blood vessels may block making blood tot circulate well. It can also make one feel very depressed, exercise is a remedy for depression it makes the body relax. Therefore to ensure that a senior loved one is happy it is necessary to teach them all the above exercises that they can do. It enlightens their day and makes them more relaxed.

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