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Selecting the Best Gaming Laptop

Even though desktops are still quite synonymous with PC gaming, sometimes a bit more portability is required. Featuring colourful designs, premium prices and powerful components, gaming laptops are an entirely different beast compared to typical mainstream notebooks. And, they need to be if you intend to play demanding games with smooth gameplay on high frame rates. They are also remarkably different in terms of design, with most offering chassis with RGB lighting and aggressive lines. However, when buying a gaming laptop, you do not merely look at the specs. You could end up buying a gaming laptop that costs between USD800 and USD5000 depending on your budget, the games you wish to play and your lifestyle. Below are some tips on finding the right gaming laptop for you.

While gaming laptops offer portability, there are different levels to it, ranging from minimum to maximum portability. Usually, the more powerful a laptop is the less portable it becomes. If you have no issue with leaving your laptop at home most of the time, then a 17 or 18 inch display laptop should be fine with you, since they are also often among the most powerful. People that seek to game on the go should be comfortable with 15 inch display laptops since they offer medium portability.

The GPU graphics card is the keystone of laptop gaming. Even though some games use the CPU, most games still heavily rely on the GPU, making this component a major factor in the decision to purchase a gaming laptop. Graphics cards work by delivering images on the laptop’s display by processing data and transmitting signals to the monitor. Since this process can be quite stressful particularly when running games, a discrete GPU with dedicated memory i.e. video memory should be prioritised. While most gamers could argue that more is better, for GB of VRAM should be quite okay for the average gamer.

What is the essence of having very smooth frame rates and eye-catching graphics if you are laptop display looks awful? The most important factors to consider when determining a suitable display include; resolution, refresh rate, display size and G-sync or FreeSync. While touchscreens are not inherently bad, they should be avoided for purposes of gaining since they unnecessarily drain the battery.

When it comes to gaming, sound is just as essential as the visuals. Even though headsets may come in handy, sometimes it is more fun to enjoy audio from the laptop’s speakers.

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