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Guidelines for Creating the Right Office Space that Improves Productivity

Studies carried out have shown that employees are not fully productive in their workplaces and this can be as a result of various factors. This is because there are so many things that divert the attention of these employees when they are at work. When employees use the internet for their own personal use or phones during the working hours, or they over socialize with each other this can distract them leading to poor productivity. Different control measures can be used by the employer in order to prevent the employees from being distracted.
One of the best and effective ways to avoid work distraction among the employees is coming up with a creative office design, this is by having open spaces for better teamwork, have encouraging colors and allow plenty of sunlight to brighten the office because all these are some of the factors that inspire workers and assist them in being productive and give their best at work.
Start the improvement process by changing the color of your office space. By using the right colors for your office design, this is one way that you can motivate or discourage your worker’s productivity. Avoid using the brown color unless you have used it in the branding of your company, but instead use red, blue, green and other bright colors that create a warm working environment. White is also effective because it has a clean and also a sleek look that works for almost every business office space, however, to break the monopoly you should mix white with other bright colors on the paintings or you can use colored furniture.
Create office space that boosts teamwork and also independent working. You should decide between open or closed office spaces. Create working spaces that promote teamwork as well as employee independence. More and more organizations are finding open spaces more convenient because they allow teamwork and employee participation in the office.
As a boss create time to interact with your juniors and avoid being locked up in your independent office the whole day, this is more important especially if you have an open or a flexible working environment.
Boost your office lighting by adding natural lighting. Another way that you can improve your employees’ productivity is by improving their health and general wellness by adding more natural light to the office space. You can renovate your office to add more windows throughout the office so that you can let in more natural light or remove the window blinds to let in more light.