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The Dangerous Drugs that will Greatly Affect Your Health.

Drug problem is highly reported all over the country but there are drugs that are abused that have far-reaching effects. If you do not know what these dangerous drugs are then you should keep on reading. A lot of people are aware of heroin but many of them are not aware of black tar heroin. It is full of impurities yet it is being sold on a daily basis. It is known as Mexican Tar or Chiva. It is heavily cut which is not a good thing. Basically, the heroin is mixed with other drugs. The dealers will not care to tell you the other drugs which have been nixed with the heroin hence the danger of not being in control of what you are taking. Also, you cannot smoke or inject black tar heroin while it’s in the form you get it from the street. You will have to find a certain acid to dissolve it in. Therefore, you will be compromising your health even further by taking it, even more than it would be the case were to take pure heroin.

Another of dangerous drugs is Foxy Methoxy which is basically a hallucinogenic. It makes people hear things which are a product of their imagination. They are basically auditory psychoactive side effects. You will still experience these side effects even after the drug has been cleared from your system. You will be imagining smells, tastes, feelings and even sights that are not there. You will be taking in a substance whose Most dealers are notorious for adding more substances which you cannot pick out too. Another drug that is new on the market but with serious side effects is Benzo Fury. It even more dangerous because it can be obtained legally. There is a loophole when it comes to obtaining it because it is not meant for human use and this is clearly indicated on the label. The users do not heed to that warning though. It is a stimulant as well as a hallucinogen.

Benzo Fury is very potent and addictive and it will wear off after 14 hours. If you overdose on this drug you will suffer from increased blood pressure, self-harm and death can also occur. When you take it with alcohol it because even worse. It is easily available online but you may also buy it in some nightclubs. Fentanyl is also another dangerous drug that is addictive. This synthetic opioid is 100 times as potent as morphine.